2014 Kosta Browne Rosella’s Vineyard Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands

Kosta Browne
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From the Winemaker:

When we first met Gary Franscioni he gave us some sage advice as a condition to buying his grapes. He said, “you’ve got to make good wine and pay your bills on time”. So we did as we were told and have never looked back. Gary is a farmer through and through and Rosella’s, named after his wife, is testament to his commitment to quality. We only get a small portion of this vineyard, bordering lemon groves on the slopes above the fertile valley below, but what we get has an exotic, spicy quality that shines. Rosella’s experiences a maritime climate with strong coastal winds blown in from Monterey Bay. Foggy mornings with sunny, breezy afternoons keep these rolling slopes much cooler than the Salinas Valley just to the east. The setting is beautiful and the fruit quality equally breathtaking.


Black cherry, berry, citrus and rose

On the palate:

Strawberries, fennel, candied peel